Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Academic Essay

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Academic Essay Academic essays are an unavoidable an element of the educational journey. Learning to write well could be one of the best skills you will get during your college years. Most students, however, will commit errors that are many learning the art of academic essay writing. As you can’t avoid writing essays, you can easily avoid making many of these common mistakes: Giving a synopsis as opposed to an analysis. The purpose of an essay is to create a quarrel and defend a thesis. Some background to clarify the topic can be helpful if you’re writing about a work of literature. However the almost all your essay should involve your analysis based on credible research. Don’t just restate what happened within the book. A thesis statement that is weak. Coming up with a very good thesis statement is vital to writing a good essay. The thesis statement may be the hook on which your whole essay hangs. An opinion should be stated by it and be as specific as you possibly can. Example weak thesis statement: the fantastic Gatsby is a example that is great of Literature. Example strong thesis statement: The Great Gatsby captures the essence of America’s Jazz Age in its decadence, materialism and ultimately, its tragic emptiness. The essay is meant to reflect your knowledge of this issue additionally the research you’ve essay order done to back your argument up.